AI-Powered Autonomous Store
Utilizing world-leading AI technology, to assist retailers turning the traditional 鈥淏rick and Mortar鈥?stores into highly digitized and intelligent cashier-less smart stores

How do we do it锛?

Creating a retail brain with the eyes of machines
Computer Vision

Sensor Fusion

Deep Learning

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Revolutionary reduction in labor costs

Revolutionary elimination of manual cashier,
solving the problem of manpower shortage
and extending store opening hours.

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Seamless customer shopping experience

Satisfying customers needs on a fast, friction-less shopping experience, to provide a private and delightful service

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Digitizing Store Operations and Management

Comprehensive digitalization of 鈥渃ustomers ,products and stores鈥漷o make marketing smarter and operations more efficient

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Why Cloudpick锛?

  • Extensive Market Demand

    Cloudpick has already established close to 100 stores in countries including China锛孶nited States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and so on.

  • World-class R & D Team

    Core scientists and engineers hailing from leading companies such as Google, Alibaba, Amazon and Intel etc., with strong abilities in R & D.

  • Outstanding Deployment Capabilities

    Beyond industry giants锛宼he store deployment takes only 2-3weeks with global deployment coverage.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

    With computer vision, machine learning, and IoT sensing technology at the core of the business, Our competencies make us a leading provider of smart retail technology in the market.


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